Industrial Electrical Installation
Industrial Electrical Installation

We specialize in Industrial Electrical Installation. Our team of skilled professionals are experienced in all aspects of electrical system installation and commissioning.  We know how important it is to have a dependable and effective electrical system in industries. We work hard to provide excellent services to our clients. Our team works closely with clients to understand their needs and create personalized solutions.

Our services include the installation of various electrical components such as transformers, switchgear, distribution panels, and control panels. We make sure all installations follow industry rules to ensure the electrical system is safe and reliable.

In addition to installation, we also offer Industrial Electrical Installation services to ensure that the electrical system is functioning optimally. Our team conducts thorough testing and inspections to identify any potential issues or malfunctions and rectify them promptly. We give clients thorough documentation and training to help them understand how to use and maintain the system.

Furthermore, we specialize in automation control panels, which play a crucial role in industrial processes. We have expertise in creating custom electrical control panels to suit our clients’ requirements. We utilize advanced technologies and industry best practices to deliver control panels that are efficient, reliable, and user-friendly.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering exceptional services, on-time project completion, and cost-effective solutions. We can handle any project, big or small, with professionalism and efficiency. We are dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and safe electrical systems that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Unicorn Global Automation specializes in Electrical System Installation & Commissioning. Our focus lies in specialized Electrical Solution Commissioning for projects. Our engineers have experience and follow a careful process. They ensure that newly installed or upgraded electrical power equipment and systems work perfectly.

This approach involves thorough checks, detailed records, and meticulous preparation, ensuring optimal readiness for action. With our expertise, your projects are in capable hands, poised to transition from setup to effective operation seamlessly.

Our experienced engineers have a careful and detailed approach to ensure a smooth transition from setup to operation. Our experienced engineers have a careful and detailed approach. They ensure a smooth transition from setup to operation.

Electrical System Installation & Commissioning is a pivotal phase in the lifecycle of industrial electrical systems. This process includes planning, executing, and validating electrical components and infrastructure. The goal is to ensure that they work safely and efficiently in various industrial settings.

Our engineers carefully check every detail to make sure that all wires, switches, and machines are connected correctly. They understand that the components need to work together perfectly for everything to function smoothly.

We undertake this execution by carefully navigating each part of the electrical system. The team checks for missing or broken parts, ensuring everything working in proper manner.

In their quest for precision, our engineers stick to a checklist. This detailed document is a compass guiding them through the labyrinth of wires, switches, and devices. Think of it like a blueprint for a large construction project.

In industrial automation integration, control panel installation and PLCs and SCADA systems are very important. Automation control panels is like the heart of the electrical network, making sure power goes where it needs to. Our engineers make sure it is inspected thoroughly to ensure optimal performance and safety.talled correctly and connected properly.

The PLC and SCADA systems are like the conductors of an orchestra, making sure everything works together smoothly. Our engineers make sure these systems are ready to go and work perfectly for the whole scada network integration.

We produce the setup and connection of electrical systems, ensuring everything works smoothly. Our engineers will connect electrical parts, like wires, switches, and machines, to ensure the system functions smoothly.

First, safety is super important in industrial electrical installations are like the heartbeat of factories and big buildings. They give power to all the machines that help make things. Our project engineering team follows rules to keep people, machines, and things safe.

Safety is the most important thing in industrial electrical installations. It is crucial to follow safety rules and regulations to protect people and equipment. Experts design these installations and make sure the wiring is in the correct position to prevent issues.

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