Electrical Control Panels
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We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of advanced electrical control panels. Our range includes PCC Panels for power control, APFC Panels for automatic power factor correction, MCC Panels for motor control, VFD Panels for variable frequency drives, and PLC Panels for programmable logic control. Explore seamless electrical control panel fabrication at its best. Our expert team ensures precision and efficiency, delivering top-notch electrical control panels tailored to your needs.

We manufacture and supply advanced electrical control panels that are trusted in the industry. Our Automation Panel come customized with IP 55 protections, meeting TYPE 12 & IK 10 standards. They feature a sturdy construction, including a 1.5 mm painted steel frame, 2 mm painted steel doors, and 1.5 mm painted steel rear, roof, and side panels. The mounting plate is made of 3 mm galvanized steel, while the bottom plates are 1 mm galvanized steel. We use high-quality materials from reputable manufacturers like Hoffman, BCH, Rittal, and our own manufacturing panels.

Our PCC Panels serve as the central hub for power distribution, ensuring seamless energy management. APFC Panels optimize power usage, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing costs. The MCC Panels regulate motors for smooth and harmonious operations. VFD Panels govern motor speed and power consumption, offering flexibility and energy conservation. Lastly, PLC Panels automate processes, boosting productivity and accuracy.

With a focus on quality and precision, our panels are designed to cater to various industrial needs. From managing machinery in manufacturing to controlling systems in building automation, our panels are reliable solutions tailored to your requirements. Trust us to provide professional-grade panels that optimize control and efficiency across industries.

As a reputable supplier and manufacturer, we offer top-quality electric control panels designed to meet diverse requirements. Our panels are meticulously crafted to house circuit breakers, relays, contactors, switches, and indicators, all aimed at optimizing control and safety. Whether for manufacturing, building automation, power distribution, or transportation, our electric control panels are engineered to ensure smooth operations. We understand the significance of reliability and efficiency in industrial processes, and our panels are crafted to meet these demands. From smaller setups to large-scale facilities, our electric control panels are designed to adapt to specific needs, making them an indispensable asset for industries worldwide. Trust in our expertise and commitment to quality as we deliver dependable solutions for your control and monitoring needs.