APFC Control Panel
APFC Control Panel

We are a globally recognized manufacturer & supplier of APFC Panels, honoured for our manufacturing excellence and global distribution. These APFC panels are vital in maintaining the Power Factor per State Electricity Board guidelines. Power Factor is the ratio of active power to apparent power in an electrical system and is crucial for assessing power consumption levels. Upgrade efficiency with our Automation Control Panels. Explore APFC Panel solutions for optimized power management and enhanced industrial performance


Elevate operations with our custom control panel fabrication services. Tailored solutions, efficiency, and reliability define our expertise. Our APFC panels ensure efficient management of this ratio, leading to optimized power usage. With our expertise and quality panels, we help you enhance energy efficiency while adhering to industry standards.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panels, commonly referred to as APFC panels, play a vital role in maintaining the Power Factor in accordance with the guidelines set by the State Electricity Board. Power Factor is essentially the ratio of active power to apparent power in an electrical system, and it holds significant importance in assessing power consumption levels.

APFC panels are indispensable devices that regulate and manage the Power Factor to ensure optimal efficiency in electricity usage. They achieve this by automatically adjusting the reactive power in the system, thereby improving the overall efficiency of electrical operations.

Optimize your power factor and energy consumption with our cutting-edge APFC Control Panel. As a renowned exporter and supplier of advanced control solutions, we introduce a solution that ensures efficient power management and significant cost savings.

The APFC Electric Control Panel stands as a testament to modern engineering. Designed as an Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) panel, it constantly monitors and manages your power factor to eliminate reactive power and reduce energy wastage. This translates to lower electricity bills and a more sustainable operational footprint.

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